Body & Mind Services

Bariatric Evaluation

A pre-surgical nutritional evaluation is a common first step to undergoing bariatric surgery. The ultimate goal of the bariatric nutritional evaluation is to ensure that you are prepared for the dietary and behavior changes associated with surgery.

Behavior Modification

Many people love to eat for reasons other than sustenance. Emotions play a large role in why we eat mindlessly. We have all done it to some degree – eat when you are sad, eat when you are happy, eat when you are mad, eat when you are stressed. We will work on the underlying reasons as to why you eat, address these issues, and find ways to change your habits which will ultimately aid in achieving your weight loss goals.

Counseling and Support

  • One on One – One on one counseling counseling sessions include and are not limited to assessment, education, and behavior modification.

  • Support Groups- Support Groups give our clients a chance to meet one another and learn from each other’s experiences. Currently we are offering a 12 week group program in our North Brunswick location at Fitness Solutions called Fuel for Function. Visit A Fit Solution.

Our groups are always facilitated by a professional.