Diet & Nutritional Services

Customized Eating Plans

No two people have the same goals, needs, or lifestyle which means that we cannot just give each person the same eating plan. Eating plans are given at the second visit after the initial assessment has been completed. The eating plan will lay out the foundation of how you need to eat. We will discuss how many calories, the breakdown of your macronutrients, and learn to read labels in order to learn how to integrate the foods you love to your eating plan.

Eating plans are developed based on your current lifestyle, eating habits, and level of activity and exercise. Medical history is reviewed to make sure an adequate macronutrient breakdown is prescribed.

Menu Development

Menu development is an essential part of changing your lifestyle and improving your eating habits. The worst part of being on a “diet” is feeling restricted and not able to eat the foods that you love. The session on Menu development is designed to help you determine the types of foods that are realistic for your lifestyle and can still apply to your eating plan. You will never be given a menu and told to eat exactly what is on it without any deviation or variety. Not everyone enjoys the same types foods and your preferences are important.

Recipe Modification

Everyone has their favorite dishes and cuisines. Just because you are trying to lose weight, control your diabetes, etc., doesn’t mean you have to give them up. We help you find healthier versions of your favorites. We can modify Indian dishes, American cuisines, even children’s choices.